Jamie Foxx

Police: Jamie Foxx subjected to racial slurs in Croatia

Charges are expected to be filed against two Croatian men who hurled racial slurs at actor Jamie Foxx on Sunday in a Dubrovnik restaurant.

Dubrovnik police will file misdemeanor charges for disturbing the public order against the two men. The police acted quickly after being made aware of the incident, according to a report by Total Croatia News. Authorities say they intervened at around 10 p.m. at the restaurant where Foxx was dining. A 44-year-old and a 55-year-old were verbally attacking restaurant patrons and staff “in a particularly rude and arrogant way” before being escorted out of the building.

Authorities say the 50-year-old “insulted one of the guests on racial grounds.” They did not specify who the men used racial slurs against, but they did state that the investigation will continue, and both men will be arrested for disturbing the peace.

Foxx posted on his Instagram account two videos of himself describing the incident. In the first video, the actor says that the two men called him a crncuga, a Croation word which translates to n****r in English. Fox said, in the second video, that both men were asked to leave the restaurant by staff members. Since then, both videos have been taken down from the social media app.

Foxx is currently in Dubrovnik for the filming of Robin Hood: Origins,  in which he plays the role of Little John..

The day after the incident, Foxx posted on his Instagram account again, but this time to talk about Dubrovnik. He said that he’s seen many things, but this place was mind blowing to him.

“For a young boy from Terrell, this is blowing my mind just a little bit. I have seen some s*** but this right here….I’m all the way from Terrell, Texas, don’t tell me your dreams can’t come true.”

[Feature Photo: AP/John Salangsang/Invision]