Bullied to almost death: Illinois teen charged for beating classmate into a coma

A 14-year-old South Elgin, Illinois, boy is facing felony and misdemeanor charges after he reportedly beat a 12-year-old classmate so severely that the victim went into a coma.

ABC reports that the suspect was in court on Tuesday with his mom and dad to face charges of felony aggravated battery and two misdemeanor battery counts. He was ordered to wear an ankle monitor and go through a diagnostic center evaluation. He can only leave home to go to school. His parents stated that he’s still attending school, but not the same school where the incident occurred.

The Backstory

On February 3, the suspect allegedly became upset when 12-year-old Henry Sembdner bumped into him in the hallway at Kenyon Woods Middle School in South Elgin, Illinois. The suspect threw Henry to the ground and started pummeling him with his fists. The severe beating left Henry seriously injured, leading him into a coma that lasted for days. Henry had numerous face fractures and brain bleeding.

Henry’s family attorney, Lance Northcutt, said that the family had no idea what led to such a brutal beating.

“There was no history of bullying, there was no prior interaction between these two kids, but what we still don’t know is why this other child reacted the way he did.”

The severity of the incident left Henry’s parents concerned for the boy who beat their son. They’re worried about the welfare of a child who could express so much anger over a accidental bumping in a school hallway. The suspect could face up to five years in a juvenile detention facility if he’s found guilty.

Meanwhile, Henry is back at home. His family said he’s recovering, but his mother, Karen Sembdner, stated his return home is part of the “baby steps” on his road to recovery.

“You heard it here first … Henry is Home! We are happy to be home but this is just a baby step on the road to recovery.”

A GoFundMe page set up for Henry to help with medical expenses, reached it’s goal of $25,000 in a matter of days.

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