GRAPHIC: Mom finds son eating 7-year-old he allegedly beheaded

Horrified locals are now calling for the suspect to be killed

It’s worse than your worst nightmare, and if you want to go to sleep tonight you should probably stop reading now:

A mother reportedly caught her son eating a 7-year-old boy he beheaded.

Nazim Miyan, a young adult male, allegedly lured Mohammad Monis to a relative’s home in Amariya, India, on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Hindustan Times, where he beheaded the boy — and then ate his flesh. 

Miyan’s mother reportedly found him in the home next to the child’s remains.

“The body was lying on the floor with the decapitated head beside it. The skin on the abdomen was missing and internal body parts and bloodstains were scattered across the room,” officer Devranjan Verma told the newspaper.

Friends said the child’s arms, legs, and neck were cut into several pieces, according to the Daily Mail. Police told the Hindustan Times that Miyan was discovered with blood on his face. Authorities also said they recovered a knife and shovel at the gruesome scene.

Neighbors said Miyan, said to be in his early 20s, is a known drug addict but was typically soft-spoken and friendly. Sources said he was incoherent and didn’t talk about the unsettling crime to investigators.

“Nazim has no criminal record. But he appeared calm like a hardened criminal when we arrested him,” police reportedly said.

Police announced on Thursday that Miyan killed the 7-year-old after trying to molest him. Mohd Naeem Qureshi, the victim’s father, said his son went to the house because Miyan promised him Chinese dates, a snack he loved.

The suspect reportedly surrendered to police without resistance. Senior officials had to protect Nazim from locals, who attacked the suspect after the accusations came to light. Hundreds of residents gathered outside the police station, urging for Nazim to be killed.

Nazim is charged with murder, wrongful restraint, and abduction. He appeared in a he appeared in a Pilibhit court on Wednesday.