Karina Vetrano suspect mom gets feces, blood-stained letter

The letter came from California

The mother of a man arrested for the murder of New York City jogger Karina Vetrano has reportedly received a foul letter in the mail demanding she apologize for her son’s alleged crime.

According to The Daily News, Veta Lewis filed an aggravated harassment complaint with the NYPD after she received a California-postmarked letter at her East Brooklyn home on Wednesday. It was reportedly stained with blood and feces.

Veta’s son Chanel Lewis was charged with Vetrano’s murder earlier this month after his DNA was found to match genetic material left on the body. He later made incriminating statements admitting to his involvement in the 30-year-old woman’s murder.

Rev. Kevin McCall, a spokesperson for the Lewis family, told the Daily News that the letter sent to her homeĀ “said for her to apologize for what her son did and return all the money back she received from GoFundMe.”

Two separate crowdfunding campaigns were set up to provide financial support for the Lewis family, and have been since suspended. One of them was on the GoFundMe platform, which has a clause in its terms of service strictly prohibits campaigns that “benefit those who are charged with serious violations of the law.”

According to the Daily News, donors who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign were refunded their money after the campaign was suspended.

Police confirmed to the Daily News that there was a “reddish-brown substance” on the letter.

Despite what appears to be strong material evidence against Lewis, his family and additional supporters have continued to question the case against him, insisting that Lewis is not capable of what he is being accused of.

Lewis, 20, had no prior criminal record, and has had psychological and emotional problems. While he reportedly confessed to murdering Vetrano, he denied sexually assaulting her.

Lewis is being represented by Legal Aid.

The Lewis family spokesperson told the newspaper he expects the police to take the harassment complaint seriously.

“We want the NYPD to look in to this matter just like they would any other case,” McCall said.


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