Nancy Grace on Tara Grinstead murder arrest: ‘I don’t think the case is over’

“It’s been so long that secrets were kept”

Crime Online’s Nancy Grace appeared on Good Morning America Friday to discuss the murder arrest in the 11-year-old case of Georgia schoolteacher and beauty queen Tara Grinstead.

On Thursday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced that Ryan Alexander Duke, a former student at the high school where Grinstead worked, had been arrested for Grinstead’s murder. The arrest came after a tipster came forward with new information.

Duke, who has not yet entered a plea, is believed to have broken into Grinstead’s home in October 2005. According to GMA, he allegedly robbed her, killed her with his bare hands, and hid her body. Authorities have not yet revealed if Grinstead’s remains have been discovered.

Nancy Grace has been investigating the case for years, and spoke on GMA of a visit she made to Grinstead’s Ocilla, Georgia, home shortly after the 30-year-old beauty pageant winner went missing.

“It looked like a little jewel box,” Nancy said. “She had it perfectly appointed, it looked like it was out of a magazine … everything was perfectly in place.”

But in Grinstead’s bedroom, Nancy saw that an alarm clock was broken on the floor, and a lampshade was askew. There was clay on her unlocked car, and a seat was pushed back.

“I knew then that Tara was gone.”

Nancy was joined on GMA by Payne Lindsey, who helped keep the formerly cold case alive with his podcast dedicated to Grinstead’s disappearance, “Up and Vanished.”

“It’s been so long that secrets were kept,” Lindsey said. “I think the podcast allowed an environment for the truth to come out.”

Both Nancy and the “Up and Vanished” podcast creator believe we may see more developments — and possibly more arrests.

“[Grinstead’s disappearance] hung over the community like a dark cloud, and now it’s blown away,” Nancy said. “And I don’t think the case is over.”

“Somebody knew about this,” Nancy continued, pointing out that an arrest was made very quickly after an informant contacted police. “It’s not over yet.”