Former Bloomberg saleswoman files $20 million lawsuit claiming rape, drug culture

A former Bloomberg saleswoman filed a civil suit against Bloomberg LP, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nick Ferris, the former head of global development at Bloomberg, alleging she was drugged and raped by Ferris, reports the New York Post.

The $20 million suit claims civil rights violations, a hostile work environment and sexual discrimination. Court documents state the woman was subjected to “sexual assault, rape, molestation, unwanted sexual advances, contact, communication, innuendos, retaliatory action, and quid pro quo harassment.”

The suit was filed in the Bronx in December. The woman, who is listed as Margaret Doe, alleges she was raped twice by Ferris in February and March of 2013 in his Manhattan apartment.

The then 22-year-old, claims he first attacked her after she drank vodka, smoked pot, and partied with him and his girlfriend. Court documents state, Doe awoke to Ferris standing over her, and she “was lying half-off the side of the bed with Ferris holding her legs up towards him.”

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She then “recalls looking down and seeing the dress she wore to work that day flipped up, only half covering her, and her underwear and tights removed.”

The suit states Doe was harassed by Ferris over the years, that she complained to HR, but her requests to move her desk were ignored.

Other allegations in the suit claim Ferris invited himself to Doe’s mother’s 50th birthday party, took pictures of family photos there, and then photoshopped a childhood picture of himself into Doe’s childhood photos.

He allegedly also sent Doe a photo of his bandaged penis after undergoing circumcision surgery, telling her it was especially sensitive to “good vaginas.”

Doe was eventually placed on indefinite medical leave and qualified for disability benefits based on the ongoing trauma she underwent at the company.

Ferris was fired from Bloomberg in December 2015 following a review of thousands of e-mails and interviews with several coworkers confirmed that he had an inappropriate relationship with the woman, a source told the Post.

Ferris’ attorney told The Post, “We deny the allegations of the complaint, and we will be vindicated in court.”