Six UConn students arrested in connection with Jeffny Pally’s death

Six University of Connecticut students were arrested and charged on Friday in connection with Jeffny Pally’s death. Pally, a nursing school student, was killed by a fire truck responding to a fake call.

CBS reports that 19-year-old Pally was sitting with her back against the garage door of the UConn Public Safety Complex on October 16, at a little after 1 a.m.  When the bay door opened, Pally slipped to the ground, and the fire station’s Chevrolet Tahoe drove out and ran her over, fatally killing her, while in en route to what turned about to be a prank call. The driver didn’t realize he hit Pally until around an hour and a half later, while driving back to the safety complex. Pally suffered fatal injuries to her torso and head. The truck driver was not charged.

Six UConn students, including Patrick Callahan, Matthew Moll, Dylan Morose, Austin Custodio, Dominic Godi, and Jonathan Polansky, were charged in connection with her death, after serving or selling alcohol at their frat party that Pally attended.

According to UConn, the suspects are still enrolled in school. Due to privacy laws, the school didn’t specify whether the suspects are facing any disciplinary action. The suspects were hosting a frat party at the Kappa Sigma house when the accident occurred. According to a witness, there were around 50 people in attendance, many of them minors, and no one was checking their identifications. The arrest warrant indicates that all alcohol was provided by the Kappa Sigma house.

Pally left the party while highly intoxicated. She ordered an Uber ride back to her dorm, but no one saw her actually make it to her dorm. According to the medical examiner’s office, her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

The university made a public statement about Pally, showing support for her family and friends.

“Jeffny Pally was a talented, ambitious, promising young woman and her death was a terrible tragedy. The entire university community joins her family and friends in continuing to mourn her loss.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook]