Shock Announcement: OJ Simpson may walk free 24 years early to enjoy $$$ NFL Pension

OJ Simpson may walk out of prison in October and straight to amassed pension millions, pending a parole hearing in July.

The New York Post reports that although Simpson, 69, was sentenced to 33 years behind bars for assault, kidnapping, and robbery, he may get out years early if a parole board hearing, scheduled to start on July 3, goes his way. Reportedly, Simpson will be recommended for release based on good behavior, which would make it possible for the former NFL running back to be released by October.

If let out of prison, Simpson will have access to his $2.7 million retirement benefits. Although Simpson lost a civil wrongful death lawsuit to the families of his slain former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman, the families won’t be paid any of Simpson’s retirement benefits, since pensions cannot be used to pay off lawsuits or credit debt (under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act).

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In order to be released, Simpson must convince a parole panel of seven commissioners that he’ll no longer be a threat to society. He also has to convince them that while in prison, he’s kept his nose out of trouble and maintained himself as a model prisoner. According to a former business partner who routinely visits Simpson at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, the ex Buffalo Bills player is absolutely convinced that he’ll be released this year.

“He’s convinced he’ll be coming out this fall and is counting down the days to his hearing like a kid waiting for Christmas.”

Simpson is serving time stemming from a 2007 incident where he robbed sports-memorabilia dealers, Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley. According to Simpson, he was simply getting back memorabilia that belonged to him, but a jury didn’t quite see it that way. During the robbery, Simpson and several other men stole at least 800 items from a hotel room in Las Vegas.

While serving time, Simpson’s health deteriorated. He’s battled diabetes, bone infections and more.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Daniel Hill said that Simpson’s chance of release is “good,” given that he hasn’t caused any significant issues while incarcerated.

“He’s the kind of person who gets paroled. He has done a significant amount of time and, by all accounts, hasn’t caused any problems.”

[Feature Photo: AP/Julie Jacobson, Pool, File]