Reality TV star Jackie Warner arrested for assault with deadly weapon

The workout guru can’t remember what happened

Former Bravo reality television star Jackie Warner was arrested on Friday in West Hollywood, California, for assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence, but it’s an incident she said she doesn’t remember.

Warner, 48, was allegedly driving under the influence of prescription medication and alcohol when she crashed her car into a pole and backed into a police car. A deputy jumped out of the way to avoid Warner’s hasty reverse. She was supposedly “sleep driving” on Ambien when the incident occurred.

As Crime Online reported on Monday, when Warner woke up, she found herself in a hospital bed in an emergency room, surrounded by deputies. The former Work Out star claimed that she didn’t remember what happened. While driving her vehicle, she was wearing only a pair of underwear and t-shirt.

Unnamed sources close to Warner said that she drank at Martini at lunch and took an Uber ride home. When she arrived home, she reportedly took an Ambien to sleep. Authorities indicated that Warner blew an 0.08 into a Breathalyzer test, which under California law, means she faces a drinking and driving charge.

Warner was booked into the Los Angeles on charges of assault with a deadly weapon for almost striking an officer with her car, and driving under the influence. She made $60,000 bail shortly after.

Although Warner is arguably known best for her former work out reality shows on Bravo, her recent work includes two best-selling diet and fitness books, and a 2014 dance album, entitled, Valkyrie.


[Feature Photo West Hollywood Police Department]