Lactose intolerant? Man sues Papa John’s for blasting him with cheese pizza promo texts

The popular pizza chain Papa John’s is being sued by a man who says that the company bombarded him with promotional texts, and that the amount he’s received from the pizza franchise caused him anxiety and emotional distress.

Jonathan Anozie, the plaintiff, said that he has never ordered pizza from Papa John’s before. He alleged that in March 2016, he began receiving promotional texts offering him discounts on their pizza, according to a report by Eater.

Anozie said that he replied “STOP” after receiving the first text, which offered him two large pizzas with up to five toppings for only $9.99. According to the Papa John’s website, this is how to cancel the text messages. However, Anozie said that the text messages didn’t stop.

Neither the amount of text messages sent nor the frequency of messages have been revealed, but Anozie says that it was enough to cause him “significant anxiety, frustration and annoyance.”

A representative for the pizza chain did not confirm the amount of text messages Anozie received. The representative said that Papa John’s is “currently investigating this claim but it is our policy not to comment on pending litigation.”

In the company’s terms and agreements statement on “Text Offers and Alerts,” by signing up for promotional texts, users agree to receive up to six messages a month.

Anozie’s attorneys say that the text messages violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Anozie is suing Papa John’s for $500 per text. The Beverly Hills, California resident is reportedly seeking a trial by jury.

Meanwhile, Papa John’s  is now offering a new deal to get customer’s their orders faster. For a fee of $2.99, customers can have their pizzas bumped to the front of the line. The pizza chain doesn’t promise a delivery time, but sending the orders up will allow them to be made faster.