Jealous husband sets wife on fire over social media posts: Report

The couple married in January

A young mother from Thailand is appealing for help after her husband allegedly set her on fire. 

Nednapha Nuankhul, 26, was in her home cooking when she says her husband threw petrol over her from behind, according to the The Mirror. As she turned around, he threw a match at her. “I screamed until a neighbour heard me and managed to get the flames out. She then rushed me to hospital,” she told the newspaper. “The pain was unbearable.” 

According to the Daily News, Nuankhul married Chatchawarn Tarrin, 28, in January. Shortly after the wedding, she says he became abusive and possessive. Her husband allegedly torched her because of photos she had posted to social media. 

The husband is now in prison and Nuankhul is unable to work, so she is seeking assistance in paying for her hospital and medical bills and care for her six-year-old child, Lomi.

Still, she says she forgives her husband.

“He has scarred me on the outside and in my heart, too. But I have to forgive my husband because we have a child together,” Nuankhul told Metro.

She faces a long road ahead and is undergoing a series of surgeries to graft skin onto the affected areas around her mouth, neck and jaw as well, along with surgery on her fingers and arms that have become claw-like as a result of the damage to the tendons.


Photo: Facebook/Naija TabloidPage