Jerry Lee Lewis sues daughter for reported abuse

Rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis filed a lawsuit against his daughter, with claims that she abused him for years.

FOX News reports that Lewis, 81, alleged that his daughter, Phoebe, who managed her dad’s career from 2000 to 2012, conspired with her husband, Ezekiel Loftin, to spend a fortune amassed by the singer over the years.

According to court documents, Phoebe is accused of forcing her father to endure long hours on the road while touring, despite his failing health, in an attempt to grab as much money as she could from his sales. She’s also accused of keeping him holed up in a “moldy home” that made him so sick he had to wear a gas mask to tolerate it. Further, Lewis claims his daughter gave him a  “heavy cocktail of psychotropic drugs” to keep him under her control.

The singer originally named only Loftin in the lawsuit, filed last week. Court documents accused Loftin of spending at least $5 million of Lewis’ money on plastic surgery, real estate, and sports cars. He added his daughter to the lawsuit shortly after.

Lewis not only wants all of his money, but he’s asking that the couple be barred from ever using his name or “his likeness” for profit.

Jerry Lee Lewis shot to super stardom with his 1964 hit, “Great Balls of Fire.”

[Feature Photo: John Davisson/Invision]