Missing 11-year-old girl with ‘distraught’ dad may be endangered; FBI warns he could be armed

The Oregon girl has not been seen in at least a week

Police are searching for an 11-year-old girl from Oregon who has not been seen in a week, and who may be in danger.

Kaitlyn Stofiel, who most recently lived in Portland, Oregon, is believed to be with her custodial father Thomas Stofiel, according to KTVB. There have been no confirmed sightings of either of them in at least a week, and the father’s truck was found in late February near the Warm Springs Reservation, about 60 miles north of Bend, Oregon. The father and daughter have no known connection to the reservation.

The FBI told the news station on Friday that they are only seeking confirmation that Kaitlyn is safe. The agency said that Mr. Stofiel may be distraught and is known to carry weapons and possess survival skills. While the FBI and police are seeking the pubic’s help in locating Kaitlyn and her father, they have asked the public not to approach the pair if spotted, but to notify authorities right away.

Kaitlyn Stofiel is described as tall and thin with long dark hair and blue eyes. Thomas Stofiel is 5 feet 5 inches tall, about 125 pounds and has brown hair and green eyes.

Anyone who sees them is asked to immediately call 911, the FBI in Portland at (503) 224-4181, extension 0; the FBI in Bend at (541) 389-1202; or the Warm Springs Police Department at (541) 553-1171.