Woman involved in Louis Tomlinson airport brawl claims he punched and cut her

“I almost died!”

A woman involved in the Los Angeles airport scuffle last week between One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and a paparazzo, claims that the singer punched her in the head and knocked to the ground, almost killing her.

Ana Becerra, 22, admitted that she pulled out her cellphone to take pictures of the superstar singer and his girlfriend, but she didn’t anticipate getting punched by him. Becerra said that Tomlinson punched her in the stomach and “socked” her in the face so hard that it left a cut. Afterwards, Becerra took to Twitter to call Tomlinson an inadequate father who smokes weed and “beats women.”

Tomlinson’s supporters see the event differently. Most claim that Louis was simply defending his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, after a papparazzo forced him camera into her face. Calder appeared to try her best to hide her face and walk away while Louis tried to grab the camera from the paparazzo.

As Calder walked away, a group of three girls reportedly attacked her. Becerra was in the group. Tomlinson once again came to his girlfriend’s rescue and tried to break up the fight. According to Becerra, she was punched and knocked to the ground during the scuffle, and her head hit the ground hard enough to cause a “hemorrhage.” Since then, she’s been unleashing a tirade of insults against Louis and his fans.

According to video posted of Becerra after the fight, she plans to press charges against Louis. She said that the altercation started when Calder tried to grab her phone from her and wouldn’t let go of it. She also said she was never a fan of One Direction, and wasn’t bothering the couple at all aside from taking a few pics in a public place.

It’s still unclear of Becerra actually pressed charges against the former boy bander.

[Feature Photo: AP/John Davisson/Invision]