‘Miracles still exist’: Sugar City boy says angels helped him LIFT 3,000 LB PRIUS TO SAVE DAD

A little boy was honored in Sugar City, Idaho, earlier this month after lifting a car that fell on his dad while he was removing its axles in their back yard. The family is convinced than an angel helped the 8-year-old save his father.

East Idaho News reports that J.T. Parker, 8, was helping his dad, Stephen Parker, work on a Toyota Prius in their backyard on July 30 when the incident occurred. J.T.’s 17-year-old brother, Mason, was also helping, but went into the house after he cut his hand. J.T. was the only person in the position to help his dad, and he had to act quick, Stephen recalled.

“I yelled to J.T. on the other side of the car, ‘Jack it up quick! Jack it up quick! I couldn’t move at all. I was totally trapped, and then I passed out. It was all in his hands, and I thought, ‘This is it. There’s no way he can jack up this car because it took my 17-year-old son and I both to jack it up the first time.”

J.T. immediately went into action. He started pumping the jack up and down as fast as he could. The 8-year-old remembered being scared, but he was determined to save his dad. He kept at it for around 15 minutes, while Stephen, still trapped, couldn’t remember anything except a feeling of extreme peace that washed over him.

“All I remember is I felt peace. I remember seeing white, like a nice happy day. The clouds were going by, and everything was happy and peaceful.”

J.T. miraculously got the car lifted off of his dad. He rushed to alert his older brother, who called 911.

A medical helicopter quickly landed in the family’s backyard, and Stephen was airlifted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Then, another miracle occurred. Aside from some broken ribs, doctors found no serious injuries. Within two days, Stephen was back at home.

“Nothing internal was damaged. It was just a miracle,” Stephen recalled.

A week later, Stephen and wife, Jodi, filmed their 8-year-old son as he tried to jack the car up again. He couldn’t do it……

When asked what he thought happened, the young boy replied, “Angels.”

“We believe my grandpa, who passed on, and my sister who died were helping him,” Stephen said.

During a luncheon on March 3, J.T. proudly accepted a 2017 “East Idaho Real Heroes” award; an annual award ceremony in which 11 people are hand picked by the American Red Cross of Greater Idaho.

Jodi agreed with her husband, and said the entire incident was nothing short of a miracle.

“This whole thing is a miracle. There’s no other way to describe it. There’s no way that little boy could have done that. I just felt that it was a responsibility we now have to tell people that miracles still exist.”

[Feature Photo: American Red Cross of Greater Idaho]