South Padre Island Spring Breakers won’t go to jail if they break the law, under certain exceptions

Nueces County, Texas, will not accept non-violent offenders during Spring Break this year, due to jail overcrowding, police confirm.

KRISTV reports that Nueces County Jail administrator Abel Carrion said that the Nueces County Jail has reached its capacity. It’s been at 100% for around a month or so, which means that many people who would normally get arrested for Class A and Class B misdemeanors (non-violent crimes), will not face incarceration. According to Sheriff Jim Kaelin, the exception applies to March 10 through March 20 only, when thousands of college students flock to South Padre Island for Spring Break.

Drinking and driving is considered a violent offense and anyone caught will be arrested and charged. Anyone with an outstanding warrant will also be jailed. However, Kaelin indicated that public intoxication, possession of up to two ounces of marijuana, and trespassing, which all tend to happen around this time, will not result in jail time.

Kaelin wrote on Facebook that the city of Corpus Christi, South Padre Island, Port Aransas, Robstown and all areas of Nueces County continue to suffer because of inadequate jailing. He wrote that possible decisions will made soon regarding jail “accommodations.”

“Nueces County is going to have to sit down and make some decisions and soon,” Sheriff Kaelin wrote on Facebook. “The county cannot continue to grow and prosper without an adequate jail.”

[Feature Photo: Shanon Quaranta]