Baseball star sued by secret baby-mama

New York Mets baseball player, José Reyes, is being sued by a woman who claims that Reyes isn’t paying child support or spending any time with their daughter. The lawsuit comes just after Reyes was arrested for domestic violence.

Page Six reports TV host Christina Sanchez filed against Reyes in Nassau County, in regards to their daughter, Liyah, who was born in May 2009, around seven months after Reyes married Katherine Ramirez. Reyes shares three children with Ramirez.

According to Steven Gildin, Sanchez’s lawyer, Reyes wanted to keep the baby a secret. In 2015, however, Reyes’ wife found out about the baby, and shortly after, Reyes’ reportedly cut off all contact with Sanchez and the little girl.

“José was seeing Christina for two years, then she read in the New York Post [in 2008] that he got married to Katherine. A month later, Christina found out she was pregnant, and he screamed and demanded she keep the child a secret,” Gildin said.

The following year, Sanchez used social media as an outlet to air her frustrations. She publicly blasted Sanchez on Twitter, accusing him of being cruel to Liyah.

“You’re a worthless piece of s - - t father to our child . . . Liyah just asked about you again & I had to explain to her that it’s a cruel world we live in. You are a cruel man !!!”

Gildin stated that Sanchez’s main goal is to get Reyes to become a better father to Liyah, but pleading with him over and over has proven to be fruitless. The attorney also added Reyes has only paid small amounts here and there in child support and if he doesn’t make an offer soon, Sanchez will sue him for $5 million per month. Reyes currently makes a reported $22 million a year, but Gildin pointed out that the lawsuit wasn’t necessarily about money.

“It’s not about the money, however. We would take less if Reyes did the right thing and be a daddy to his daughter. Jose and his wife and three daughters live in a $7 million mansion. They are together and have love and the daughters have any financial item one could desire.”

A court date was schedule for March 22, but according to Sports Illustrated, it’s unlikely that Reyes will appear. He’s currently at the at the World Baseball Classic in the Dominican Republic, followed by spring training with the Mets.

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