Biting the hand that feeds you: Ohio boy charged with murdering grandad who raised him

A 13-year-old Cincinnatti-area boy is being charged with murder stemming from his grandfather’s death, police confirm.

WLWT reports that the boy was being raised by his 80-year-old grandfather, Fowler Agenbroad, after his parents died from drug overdoses. Residents in the Mount Healthy neighborhood where the victim and his grandson lived said that two were constantly at ends and frequently arguing and fighting. Apparently, the police were called to the home several times prior to the alleged murder, but reportedly did nothing to help the escalating situation. Neighbors indicated that the boy was a “victim of the system,” and his temper may have gotten the better of him.

Detectives found Agendbroad unresponsive in his home on August 5, 2016, with severe head trauma. Authorities believe that the boy “did cause the death of (Agenbroad) while committing an act of felonious assault.”

One of Agenbroad’s neighbors said that fault doesn’t lie only with the child, but with the victim himself and authorities who let the teen slip through the cracks.

“I don’t know what happened in that house, but I want people to know there’s fault on both sides of the fence.” ” There’s plenty of times where they’ve got back to the house or the kid wants to go outside and play, and, I mean, even the grandfather, he’d be yelling back at him. Everything the child did, the grandfather would blame his son, the child’s father — ‘You’re going to be like him.

Prosecutor Joe Deters stressed the serious of the crime. He said Agenbroad’s head was shoved into drywall so severely that it left a huge hole in the wall.

“The grandfather died from blunt impact injuries to his head. There literally was a hole in the drywall the size of the grandfather’s head.”

The teen is currently at the county’s youth detention center. He faces felony charges of murder and reckless homicide. He’ll be charged as a juvenile.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]