Lovin’ It! Florida McDonald’s drive-thru window employee saves cop!

A Doral, Florida, McDonald’s fast-food employee turned into a hero on Tuesday when he saved a woman who passed out behind the wheel.

It seemed like a regular morning breakfast order at the drive-thru, but suddenly, it all went sideways.  Pedro Viloria was serving a young mom and her two children through the drive-thru, window.  The mom ordered and paid as normal, but when Viloria tried to hand off several warm bags of breakfast food to her, something was horribly wrong.

I see she hardly breathing and I thought that’s not normal.’

Viloria said the car began moving and he knew the mom was no longer in control. He had to act.

“Her kids were screaming,” Viloria said. “I thought I gotta get to that car.”

Without thought of his own safety,  22-year-old Viloria says he ran as fast as I could, put myself in front of the car.”

The mom’s identity is not available, but police confirmed that she survived.  Vitoria had no way of knowing but as  it turns out, that ‘mom’ is actually an active Miami-Dade police officer.

“What! I saved an officer’s life? I can’t believe this,” says the fast-food worker turned hero.