SHAME! Child predator ex-Subway-pitchman treated like a “God” behind bars

The ubiquitous Subway sandwich chain shot to the stratosphere, partly thanks to former pitchman Jared Fogle, who showed off his super-sized jeans compared to his then-skinny frame following a Subway sandwich diet he created himself.  But the whole house of cards came tumbling down when Fogle was accused of being a child sex predator, even arranging for under-age girls to be delivered to him like room service in the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City, says court documents.  But the story gets worse.

Now it is reported Fogle is living like a king behind bars and is revered as a “God’ by the other pedophiles in Englewood prison on Colorado.  In fact, Fogle’s ‘royal treatment’ only came to light when another inmate got sick of “child molesters, or ‘chomos’ as he called them, being coddled in the minimum security prison.

‘The public believes these sick predators are being punished when they are sent to prison. ‘The administration treats them like they are on the endangered species list.’ inmate Steve Nigg wrote to his family.

Nigg was especially disgusted by Fogle for  flashing money and reportedly hiring other inmates to work for him.  That inmate, 61-year-old Steve Nigg says he got so fed up with “King Jared,” and decided to do something about it…beat the stew out of him.

And Nigg did just that.  Nigg attacked the disgraced Subway sandwich pitchman, leaving him with a bloody nose.

According to TMZ, Nigg wrote a letter saying “Jared is their hero,” adding that, “You would not believe how arrogant Jared was. He hired bodyguards and the other child molesters looked at him as if he was a God.”

Fogle, who is doing 15 years on kiddie porn and arranging sex with minors across state lines, stayed put at Englewood.  Nigg, however, paid the price and was moved to an Oklahoma CI. He says he forfeited time off his sentence for good behavior, and lost use of the prison commissary and his e-mail privileges. Nigg claims he was also sent to “the hole,” solitary confinement, as punishment for his attack on Fogle.

But in the end, Nigg claims, “I have no regrets.”

[Feature Photo: AP/Michael Conroy, File]