Police: Woman ‘bleach attacks’ husband when he questions day care choice

An Orlando, Florida, woman is behind bars after police accused of her throwing bleach in her husband’s face, in an attempt to disfigure him after he questioned her choice in leaving their children in the care of her new girlfriend.

News 6 reports that Lakeisha LeGrand, 31, reportedly had a dispute with her husband on Sunday, after he confronted her about her girlfriend, and claimed her relationship was putting a strain on their marriage. According to police records, the unnamed husband, whose been married to LeGrand for eight years, didn’t like his wife’s girlfriend and didn’t want her “lesbian lover” around their four children. LeGrand is accused of getting so irate over her husband’s position that she took the children and left earlier in week.

When she returned home on Sunday, the argument picked up again after the husband demanded for LeGrand to never leave their kids alone with her girlfriend. LeGrand allegedly told him to “go back to where he belongs,” before she started throwing boxes at him. LeGrand asked one of her children to go get bleach and bring it to her. When the child refused, LeGrand grabbed the bleach herself, opened it up, and allegedly poured it all over the victim’s face.

The severity of the husband’s injuries are unknown at this time. LeGrand was charged with aggravated battery/permanent disfigurement. If convicted, she could face up to 15 years in prison.

[Feature Photo: Orange County Sheriff’s Office]