Shocking details emerge in court as Utah boy says he shot Deserae Turner because he was bored with her

A 16-year-old Utah, boy reportedly told police that he shot a 14-year-old because she apparently “annoyed” him over Snapchat while he was trying to play video games.

Two teen boys are charged with plotting and shooting Deserae Turner last month in Smithfield, Utah, and leaving her for dead. One of the boys, the one who pulled the trigger, was in court on Monday to face his charges. Both teens are charged with attempted murder, aggravated robbery and obstructing justice.

Juvenile Judge Angela Fonnesbeck ruled that there was enough sufficient evidence against the shooter for his case to move forward. She scheduled the next hearing is May 8, when she’ll decide if he should face trial as a juvenile or in adult court.

While talking to a a police officer after the incident occurred, the boy said he shot Deserae because he was tired with chatting with her on Snapchat.

“I just didn’t want anything to do with Snapchatting her anymore.”

The suspect said that his friend urged him to slit her throat with a knife to get her to stop bothering them. The boy said he thought it was all a joke, yet they continued to plot it until it became real. But he couldn’t cut her with a knife, he said. Instead, he shot her in the back of the head and left her for dead.

On February 17, Deserae was found in a small, dry canal. She was barely hanging on, but she was alive. Physicians later had to put her in a medical induced coma in order to save her life. She now lives with part of the bullet still stuck in her skull.

When the 14-year-old heard it was her own friends that shot her from behind, she looked shocked. Although she sent a text to her friend prior to the shooting that read, “I’m getting picked on,” the look on her face when she heard who the suspects were suggested she never thought they would physically hurt her.

It was Deserae’s text message to her friend that led to the boys’ arrests. After shooting her, the teens reportedly stole $55 and an iPad out of Deserae’s backpack, and smashed her phone before fleeing.

The second suspect had his hearing on Wednesday. Check back with Crime Online for additional details as they become available.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]