Caught on camera: Former Dallas Cowboys player gets arrested for cocaine

A police video of the 2016 incident was recently released

A video recently surfaced showing former linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, Greg Hardy, getting arrested for cocaine possession.

Sports Day reports that TMZ obtained a video of the arrest that occurred on September 25, at around 11 p.m. in Richardson County, Texas, when a police officer spotted Hardy making an illegal turn. When questioned, Hardy told the officer that he was headed home from an Applebee’s restaurant with a female passenger in the car.

Police initially told Hardy that they would let him go with a warning, but asked the former linebacker if they could search his car first. After Hardy agreed, police began searching the vehicle and found a Louis Vuitton leather wallet, with a small bag inside that contained a white substance. Upon searching further, police found another small baggie with a white substance inside, and a grinder with marijuana remnants.

When confronted, Hardy said the baggies didn’t belong to him, and that they must have been placed in his car while he was attending a party. He claimed he passed his wallet around to pay for everyone, and that someone may have slipped the drugs into his wallet. He also claimed he was offered “some stuff” at the same party, but declined.

“I just got a job, I play football. I was at a party. I got drunk. Literally last night. I was at a mixer with NFL guys trying to do an interview. Like I said, I don’t know what happened between me and him, he could’ve slipped stuff in my pocket. Some people offered me some stuff. I literally don’t know what is in that. Whatever it is. I haven’t even seen it. I thought that I had nothing in the car.”

The video showed a Richardson County police officer telling another officer that Hardy was a Dallas Cowboys football player and to “not stir anything up,” because Hardy was “he’s very big and fit.”

Hardy was arrested for possession of cocaine and later, formally charged by a Richardson County judge. He eventually agreed to a plea deal, and received two years of probation. He hasn’t played for an NFL team since his time on the Dallas Cowboys, which ended in 2015.

[Feature Photo: Richardson County Police]