Shamycheal Chatman

ANOTHER Baylor football star arrested for gang rape of female student

New evidence resulted in the arrest of a second suspect in connection with a 2013 sexual assault by Baylor football players accused of gang-raping an intoxicated girl they were walking home.

Dallas Morning News reported that Shamycheal “Myke” Chatman, 23, was arrested Thursday by Houston-area U.S. Marshals, one day after former teammate Tre’Von Armstead was taken into custody. It’s unclear if he was charged the same as Armstead.

Armstead was indicted last week on three counts of sexual assault, which is a second-degree felony. He could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

The two were initially named suspects in the police report, but weren’t arrested until now. McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna reportedly said that the two were able to be arrested because of “newly discovered evidence and continued investigation.”

The incident took place on April 18, 2013 when the woman attended a party at one of the football player’s apartment. The lawsuit said that the woman became intoxicated at the party.

Her roommate’s boyfriend said that later on in the night he heard what sounded like wrestling and punching. He also heard a woman saying “no.”

The woman reportedly woke up the next morning with a bruise on her cheek and a bite mark on her neck. She told police that she hadn’t been sexually assaulted but later decided to file a report because of the bruises and the physical feeling that she had been sexual active the night before, though she didn’t remember if she had.

She initially didn’t want to press charges.

The lawsuit she filed later on claimed that Chatman had previously raped a female student athletic trainer, and bribed her with tuition money so that the woman would sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Chatman told police that the April 18 incident was consensual.

The news outlet said that at least 19 Baylor football players have been accused of sexual assault in the past seven years. Four of those have been gang rapes, according to the school.

The lawsuit that was filed against Chatman and Armstead claim that at least 31 players have committed around 52 sexual assaults between 2012 to 2014.

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