Man murders, dismembers parents before dissolving body parts in acid: Police

The 28-year-old man slept in the home surrounded by his parents’ body parts

A Tennessee man was indicted on Friday for the brutal killing of both his parents over the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to The Jackson Sun, Joel Michael Guy Jr., 28, was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of abusing a corpse and one count of felony murder.

Guy is accused of killing his parents, Joel Michael Guy, Sr. and Lisa Guy, sometime over Thanksgiving weekend in 2016.

According to the Washington Post, the suspect had traveled from Baton Rouge, where he lived, to celebrate the holiday at his parents’ home in Knoxville. After his adult siblings returned to their own homes, his parents had reportedly been planning to tell their son, who was unemployed, that they were no longer going to support him financially.

It is not known whether this conversation ever happened or if it was the motive for the apparent murder.

Authorities discovered the horrific crime scene the Monday after Thanksgiving; Lisa Guy’s employer had asked them to do a welfare check after the woman didn’t show up for work. Police found the couple’s body parts scattered throughout the home, placed in an acid solution that accelerates decomposition. They estimated that Guy killed his parents on that Friday or Saturday, spending at least one night in the home with his parents’ bodies, which showed multiple stab wounds.

It is unusual for murderers to cut up their victim’s bodies.

“It’s in the one percentile of homicides in the United States that involve mutilation or dismemberment. It’s not something we run across,” Knox County Sherrif Major Michael MacLean told reporters at a news conference following Guy’s arrest in November. “Usually there’s a motivation behind it, in this case we just don’t know what that is.”

Guy did not have a prior criminal record or a history of mental illness.
Photo: Knox County Sheriff’s Office