Police: A jammed gun saves OU frat members’ lives after ‘rapper’ student tries to kill them

On Wednesday, an Oklahoma University (OU) student was found dead in Norman, Oklahoma, from an apparent gunshot wound he inflicted upon himself. The incident happened after he shot at several OU frat members, who were unscathed after the gun jammed up.

At around 11 p.m., Vincent Robert Valentin, 21, plowed his truck through the OU Phi Gamma Delta fraternity home’s backyard fence, and fired two shots at the house. When fraternity members walked out to confront him, he pointed a gun at the students and threw a hatchet at them before fleeing. According to Norman Police Public Information Officer, Sarah Jensen, no one was hurt during the incident, thanks to a malfunction on the gun that caused it to jam.

“There was some sort of malfunction that prevented the gun from firing, thankfully.”

Valentin fled to a home located west of the fraternity house, where he turned the gun on himself. The gun didn’t jam this time. Police found him dead at around 11 p.m. on Wednesday. He was a college student at OU, a self-proclaimed rapper, and a member of the fraternity that he shot at.

Just hours prior to his death, Valentin took to Twitter and wrote it was “doomsday,” and that Satan “reincarnate inside” him, forcing him to murder people. He also claimed to be a victim of bullying. Jensen indicated that he had prior issues with the fraternity, but didn’t specify the details.

“We know there was a prior relationship with them, as a group, and there were some issues that had come up and they believe this could have somehow contributed to this incident.”

Shortly before the shooting, Valentin was reportedly at a local Walmart, chopping down bushes with a hatchet. When an employee confronted Valentin, he pointed his gun at the worker before fleeing. Police were called to the fraternity house shortly after.

An investigation into exactly what caused the incident is ongoing.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]