Police: High school girl Nichole Cevario had extensive plans to bomb her school

An 18-year-old Catoctin High School student in Thurmont, Maryland, is facing felony charges after authorities discovered her elaborate plot to bomb her own high school. She was taken into custody on Thursday, uprooted while she sat in one of her classes.

The Frederick News-Post reports that 18-year-old Nichole Cevario, an honor student at the high school, is accused of amassing numerous weapons and explosives, in a plan to blow up her school and shoot students and staff. Cevario’s father found pipes, firecrackers, magnesium tape, firearms, fuse materials, and nails in their home, and immediately contacted the police.

According to Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, although the weapons found were extensive, none of the materials had been combined to make a bomb, at least not yet. The father’s quick thinking likely prevented a traumatic situation.

“Basically the plan was to extract the black powder from the fireworks to create the pipe bombs.”

During a press conference on Monday, Jenkins said that Cevario’s diary was one of the focal points of the investigation. On December 16, 2016, Cevario made her first entry and showed her first hints of violent tendencies. Jenkins indicated that there were also entries that showed evidence that the student may have mental and emotional issues.

“Within this diary, we saw evidence of mental health issues, a number of emotional issues, the way she went out and found the means to purchase materials.  It was to create, basically to be a mass shooting type event. [There were] no specific names or targets.”

Cevario reportedly wrote out a detailed plan of what to expect at school should the plan be carried out, which reinforced in Jenkins’ mind that she was intent on carrying the details to fruition.

“It was very clear to us that she had the means and materials to cause significant damage to herself, to the student body, to the facility up there at Catoctin High School. We felt this was going to be carried out.” “There was no doubt in our minds that we averted a disaster up there.”

Authorities also think that Cevario planned to kill herself on April 5, the date she chose to attack the school. There was no indication as to why she chose that specific date.

Nichole Cevario was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital to undergo a mental evaluation. According to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, she currently hospitalized.

[Feature Photo: Frederick County Sheriff’s Office]