Sacramento murder victims believed to be wife, kids of suspect: Report

California authorities identified four victims of last week’s apparent homicide in Sacramento as two women and two children — the son and daughter of one of the victims. 

CBS News said the victims are Angelique Vasquez, 45; her daughter, Mia Vasquez, 14; her son, Alvin Vasquez, 11; and Ashley Coleman, 21, believed to be Angelique’s niece. 

Sacramento City Unified School District officials reportedly confirmed that the two siblings were fifth and eighth-graders at Sutterville Elementary School and Sam Brannan Middle school respectively. Both children loved to play ports, and Mia was the goalie for the school’s soccer team.

The victims were reportedly found Thursday when police forced entry into their home after receiving a tip from a family member that something was amiss. The house is being treated as a crime scene and the exact cause of death is not yet known. 

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, was arrested on suspicion of homicide. Police have not yet released a motive, or confirmed the relationship between Vasquez-Oliva and victims, but according to a KCRA news report, sources close to the investigation said Vasquez-Oliva was the husband of Angelique, the father of the two children, and the uncle of Ashley Coleman.

Sgt. Bryce Heinlein had said on Thursday that the murders did not appear to be random. 

A coworker of Angelique’s, Shelia Stewart, told CBS that Angelique was a great mother to her two children.

“I loved her free spirit and the way she spoke about her children,” Steward said. “She loved them so much.”

Stewart and Angelique reportedly met seven years ago while working in the human resources department of California’s Employment Development Department. Vasquez-Oliva also worked for the Employment Development Department as an office technician since 2014.

Stewart reportedly said Friday that Angelique and her husband had problems in the past, but nothing more than normal domestic disputes.

“She didn’t really talk about him, at least not to me,” she said.” I know they had problems like any relationship but never heard any stories of physical abuse.”

Vasquez-Oliva is from Sacramento, but was found 90 miles away in San Francisco. He reportedly has ties to an apartment in San Francisco.

The suspect is being held in the Sacramento County Jail.


Photo: Sacramento County Jail