Man burns to death after setting himself on fire in Walmart parking lot [VIDEO]

The man said the FBI had been harassing him for 11 years

Shoppers at a Colorado Walmart witnessed a horrific scene as a man doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire, after driving around the parking lot telling people to watch and record him.

According to Fox 31 Denver, a still-unidentified man appearing to be about 60 years old drove to the Lafayette Walmart in a beige Toyota Corolla on Sunday. He reportedly got the attention of a number of people in the parking lot, telling them to keep watching him. He explained that he planned to self-immolate because of harassment from the FBI.

“I got in trouble 11 years ago, and ever since (the FBI has) been completely harassing me,” the man told an onlooker, according to video footage of the incident obtained by the Lafayette News. “They never let me sleep. All I’m doing is trying to make ends meet and all they’re trying to do is (expletive) with me.”

Then he stopped near the Walmart store entrance, poured gasoline on himself, and set himself on fire while still in the vehicle.

Horrified onlookers tried to intervene, but the man reportedly said not to put out the fire. Eventually bystanders were able to put out the flames on his body by covering him with multiple jackets, while the car continued to burn.

But his injuries were too severe. According to Fox 31 Denver, the man was airlifted to a nearby hospital with second- and third-degree burns, and died on Monday afternoon.

David Bach was shopping at Walmart at the time and recorded a video message about his experience, first obtained by the Lafayette News. [Crime Online cannot verify that his account is factually accurate and does not endorse any assumptions made about the victim’s mental health.]

In the video, Bach says the man was left alone as the bystanders who put out the flames on his body tried to put the fire out in his car.

“I thought that it was wrong for him to be sitting there alone in that state,” Bach said. “He was sitting Indian-style and was completely coherent. All his skin and clothes had burned off and he was smoldering.”

The Boulder County Coroner’s office will identify the victim after his family has been notified.