Couple continues wedding after hitman shoots three guests – here’s why

The newlyweds open up about their decision to keep the ceremony going, despite the tragedy.

In January, a Brazilian couple’s wedding was crashed by a hitman who walked in and shot three people in attendance. The couple continued on with the wedding even though their relatives were injured. The newlyweds recently opened up about their decision to keep the ceremony going, despite the tragedy.

Both Jailton Barbosa, 25, and wife Christina, 18, said that they have no regrets continuing their wedding. The coupled stated that they were also upset that half the people that attended the wedding ceremony didn’t show up to their reception because “half the food was wasted.”

Humberto Ferreira Santos, 52, wounded three guests when he crashed the couple’s wedding. The ordeal was caught on video and frightened the group in the church. Barbosa, who was standing just a few inches away from the suspect when the ordeal began, said his uncle was one of the people shot.

“I ran and cradled my uncle in my arms. He had been shot several times and I kept talking to him and trying to comfort him. I helped him out of the church into a car and he was rushed to hospital. I did the same for my cousin and his wife who had been grazed on her arm by a bullet.”

After the wounded victims were taken to the hospital, the bride and groom learned that all three were going to survive. That’s when they decided to continue on with the wedding, albeit two hours later.

“Our thoughts were with our relatives. But when we heard the injuries were not life-threatening we felt we should go ahead.”

Numerous people on social media slammed the couple’s decision to carry on with the ceremony, but it’s something the couple feels OK with, and they stand behind their decision.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/YouTube]