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Sherri Papini Update: ‘Kidnap mom’ has list of past criminal accusations, per police report

A little over a decade before Sherri Papini was abducted, family members called Shasta County law enforcement after going through a number of reported issues with the “kidnap mom.”

The Sacramento Bee reports that in December 2003, Loretta Graeff, Papini’s mother, made a call to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, stating that Papini was harming herself. According to the police report, Papini allegedly blamed her mother for her reported self-harm, for reasons unknown.

The 2003 call was the last of a series of known calls from Papini’s family. In 2000, Papini’s father, Richard Graeff, told police that she broke into and burglarized his home. In 2003, he called police again and said she used his checking account without permission. Papini’s own sister also called authorities. In 2003, Sheila Koester called authorities and said that she thought Papini kicked in her back door.

Aside from the accusations, the reports provided scant additional information. But Crime Online spoke on Thursday to Shasta County Sheriff’s Lt. Pat Kropholler, who handled the Sacramento Bee‘s records request but was not involved with the incident reports. He said that no charges were filed or arrests made in response to any of the incidents addressed in the Sacramento Bee‘s story.

“Many times if we get calls like this via a family member… they don’t want to press charges,” Lt. Kropholler said, adding, “I don’t know if that is what happened in these cases. ”

Convictions or no, the reports do seem potentially relevant to the mysterious narrative around Papini, who said she was abducted while jogging in the Redding area in November 2016.

Papini’s disappearance caused an uproar across the nation, and turned into media hysteria when she was found along the side of a California highway, tied, beaten, and bruised. Lt. Kropholler confirmed with Sac Bee that the investigation is still ongoing and that they are exploring all avenues, but exactly what those avenues are remain undisclosed.

“The Papini case is still active and the investigation is ongoing. I realize there is a lot of interest in Mrs. Papini and the details of her case. However, I am sure you can understand the necessity of maintaining the integrity of the investigation. Please be assured that when it is appropriate to release any further information regarding this case we will do so.”

Papini, who claimed two Hispanic females abducted her and beat her, hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]