DA: Perv teacher Tad Cummins and kidnap-girl could “very easily” be posing as missionaries in Mexico

-A former Tad target was being groomed in a similar fashion as Elizabeth Thomas
-The ex-teacher reportedly told students he was a doctor who left his practice for the “love of teaching”
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Nancy Grace spoke with two important people on Thursday who are trying to desperately to get abducted girl, Elizabeth Thomas back home: DA Brent Cooper, who theorized where Cummins may be, and former Culleoka Unit High School student Destany Parrish, who, unbeknownst to her at the time, was being groomed by the Tennessee teacher suspected of abducting Elizabeth.

Tennessee District Attorney Brent Cooper thinks that Cummins planned his entire getaway with Elizabeth for a while before carrying it out. Cooper theorized that given Cummins’ past involvement with religious missions, coupled with his intensive Bible studies, may have prompted him to hide away in a small remote area of Mexico, posing as a missionary.

“From talking with his family members, I knew he and his wife went to church. But apparently he’s been a very devout Christian and he studied the Bible extensively, and he may have even had some personal experience before going on mission trips…I believe he could very easily blend in as an American missionary.”

Cummins had previously done a mission tour in Mexico, and could possibly be around the same area. Yet, the exact location in Mexico where he did mission work is still unclear. Regardless, Cooper thinks it’s only a matter of time, maybe just a few days, before Cummins is captured.

“The AMBER Alert has been spread to the authorities in Mexico….Any way that we can think of to get the word out down there, we certainly want to.”

Cooper encouraged anyone who went on mission trips with Cummins to reach out to any contacts they made and spread the word about Elizabeth’s disappearance.

Destany Parrish was once a student at the same high school that Elizabeth attended. She was also a former student of Tad Cummins, 50, the man accused of abducting Thomas. In an exclusive interview with Nancy Grace, the former student revealed that she had no idea that Cummins was “grooming” her until she read the details of Elizabeth’s disappearance.

Parrish was a student in Cummins’ health science class, but unlike the other students, she was given special privileges. She began to think of Cummins as a friend and confidant during a difficult time her life. Cummins apparently honed in on her difficulties and allowed her to stay in his classroom during lunch, while making the other students leave. At first, Parrish thought nothing of it, but in hindsight, it became apparently clear that he was attempting to “groom” her.

That’s definitely kind of a red that flag and kind of weird that he sent every other student away, like 10 or 15 other kids and not me.

Cummins told the other students that the office wouldn’t allow them to hang out in his classroom anymore during lunch. As the kids filed out of the room, Cummins grabbed Parrish and told her to stay behind.

When they were alone, according to Parrish, he told her he made up the office story because he wanted to get the students out of the classroom, but that she was allowed to stay. The incident is eerily similar to how Cummins treated Elizabeth, giving her a “special chair” in front of his desk where she could talk to him alone.

Another red flag occurred when Parrish listened to what appears to be an original, romantic song written by Cummins himself. Again, Parrish thought nothing of it as she stood behind Cummins as he sang a song for her while he played piano, but in retrospect, especially after hearing the details surrounding Elizabeth’s disappearance, she now thinks the love song was likely for her.

Parrish, similar to Elizabeth, didn’t live with her mother. Parish indicated that her parents were going through a divorce and her mother lived a few states away. Elizabeth lived with her father after her mother abused her and lost parental privileges. Both girls were around the same age when Cummins preyed on them.

When asked where she thought Cummins may be, Cummins, like Cooper, thinks that he’s left the U.S.

“I really don’t think he is still in the U.S…..I really think he thought all of this through to the point that he did…I think they are probably done.”

Parrish is hoping that by opening up, it will help bring Elizabeth home, who’s likely with Cummins. Anyone who spots Tad Cummins and/or Elizabeth Thomas should call 911 immediately or theMaury County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office at (931) 375-8654, or TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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