SPECIAL UPDATE: Elizabeth Thomas told friend she and Tad Cummins plan to head out West

-Elizabeth’s dad breaks down in tears at sighting; Jill Cummins reportedly files for divorce
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As 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas’ father sheds tears for his little girl, and Jill Cummins’ allegedly prepares to divorce her pervy husband and alleged child abductor, Tad Cummins, Crime Online has learned that the Tad had already made plans to head West prior to leaving Columbia, Tennessee.

Jason Whatley, family attorney for the Thompson family, told Crime Online‘s Nancy Grace that Elizabeth reportedly told a friend that her and Cummins were planning to head West, but she didn’t specifically say where. The friend, whose name is undisclosed, indicated that Elizabeth said that someone was supposed to help “hide them,” but when the plan changed, they decided to head West.

Earlier today, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) announced that they positively identified both Tad Cummins and Elizabeth on footage caught on a Walmart surveillance camera, on March 15 in Oklahoma City. Investigative Reporter, Alan Duke, said that it appeared that Tad Cummins dyed his hair and beard a darker color and Elizabeth may have dyed her hair red.

“It appears to me, as we have in fact predicted, that Tad Cummins has colored his whiskers, darkened his hair, to make perhaps himself look younger and different. And it looks also to me that her [Elizabeth] hair is now red.”

Whatley, who’s working pro bono for the Thompson family, pointed out that the plaid shirt Elizabeth wore to Walmart was Cummins’ shirt. He also pointed out that the teen’s hair looked unkempt and unwashed, meaning they likely are not stopping at hotels.

Meanwhile, a trust has been set up by Whatley & Associates law firm, to help raise the reward money for finding Elizabeth. The goal is to raise at least $25,000, which will go to whoever can lead authorities to the pair, and subsequently, to Cummins’ arrest. The reward money is being placed in a secure trust fund with Jason Whatley’s law firm, and all donors will receive a receipt. To help raise money for Elizabeth’s safe return, send a check to:

Whatley & Associates

29 Public Square

Columbia, TN 38401

[Feature Photo: TBI]