Toddler freezes to death on his own front porch

Landyn Melton had just celebrated his third birthday

A toddler froze to death after he wandered out of his North Carolina home in freezing temperatures.

According to ABC Local 10, Landyn Melton, who had just celebrated his third birthday, presumably wandered out of his Burke County house in the middle of the night earlier this month when temperatures were in the 20s. Authorities believe he walked outside while his mother and her boyfriend were sleeping, and left through a door that shut behind him.

Someone driving by the house on the morning of March 15 found him on the porch. He is believed to have been dead by that time. Authorities told WSOC that the windchill that morning made the already below-freezing temperatures feel much colder.

Authorities told the news station the boy died of exposure, and an autopsy found no signs of trauma on his body. According to ABC Local 10, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the tragic death.


Photo: Facebook/WBTV