Homeowner shoots naked intruder dead, charged with murder

A homeowner who shot a man that broke into his Belfair, Washington, home on Saturday, is now facing murder charges.

CBS reports that 31-year-old Nathaniel Joseph Rosa was showering inside a man’s home on early Saturday morning, when the homeowner, unnamed at this time, fatally shot him before calling 911. The suspect owns a residential home and the land next door to it, where he runs an Internet-based business. Rosa was inside the business home when he was killed.

According to Mason County Sheriff’s Office detectives, the homeowner noticed that someone broke into his business on Saturday after spotting signs of forced entry. We he went inside and found Rosa showering, he confronted him and demanded that Rosa, a teacher’s aide, leave the property immediately. The two men reportedly exchanged heated words and homeowner left. When he returned, he had a gun in his hand and opened fire into the shower.

After reviewing evidence, authorities determined that the homeowner had enough time to call the police instead of shooting Rosa, especially since he took the time to go home and get his gun before returning to shoot. Rosa, who wasn’t armed at the time, wasn’t given any warning, according to detectives, before the homeowner opened fire.

Rosa was in the area to visit his mother when the incident occurred. It’s still unclear why he broke into the homeowner’s property to take a shower, but his death was mourned by many.

“My dear Uncle Nathaniel Rosa no words can describe or say how it feels to learn what happened. You were the nicest person and the best uncle. I hope to see you one day again. Until then I love you and will miss you with my heart.,” a family member wrote on his Facebook page.

Mason County Sheriff’s Lt. Travis Adams indicated that the homeowner, who’s facing second-degree murder charge, is cooperating with law enforcement

“We’ve contacted our local prosecutor, explained the circumstances to him, and he agrees that 2nd degree murder was an appropriate charge in this case.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook]