Three-week-old baby shot and killed as dad takes him out of carseat

A three-week-old infant has died after his family was shot at in Las Vegas — and the gunman (or gunmen) is still on the loose.

According to Fox San Antonio, Marcus Thomas Jr. was in his family’s car on Saturday night, parked outside of an apartment complex in North Las Vegas when someone started shooting at the car. The infant was caught in the crossfire and died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

A relative told Fox San Antonio that little Marcus was shot as his father was taking him out of his car seat.

“His dad was taking [the baby] out of the car seat when these cowards came and shot the car up,” Ava Loftis, Marcus’s cousin, told the news outlet.

It is unclear if the shooting was random or targeted.

Marcus’s father was shot four times but is expected to survive the injuries. He, or perhaps another family member, attempted to drive the car to the hospital but crashed into another vehicle. There were two other children — Marcus’s siblings — in the car who were unharmed.

“It’s tearing me up,” Loftis told Fox San Antonio. “I can’t even sleep because I keep seeing this innocent itty bitty baby that couldn’t do nothing to nobody and he’s dead for no reason.”

Police are still searching for suspects.


Photo: Screenshot/Fox San Antonio