New details on special needs teacher shot to death while taking a shower in stranger’s home

The homeowner reportedly smiled in court on Tuesday, while describing shooting details

A popular special needs teacher is dead after making the fatal mistake of taking a shower in a stranger’s Belfair, Washington, home on Satruday without permission. Now, the man accused of shooting the teacher may face first-degree murder charges.

Bruce Fanning, 59, is currently facing second-degree murder charges after allegedly killing Nathaniel Rosa, 31. Rosa apparently broke into Fanning’s home and took a shower. Fanning told detectives that he found Rosa in an unoccupied home he uses for his business; when Fanning confronted him, Rosa slurred something unintelligible and reportedly threatened the homeowner. Instead of calling the police, Fanning is accused of walking next door to his residential home, getting a .45 handgun, then returning to his business home and shooting Rosa while he stood naked and unarmed in the shower.

Investigators are questioning why Fanning wouldn’t call police when he clearly had the time to do so before going back to his business. Additionally, they’re saying that Fanning did not give Rosa warning before shooting him. Given that he could have called 911 while going to retrieve his gun but failed to do so, authorities may possibly upgrade his charge to first-degree murder.

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“Certainly he had an opportunity to call law enforcement at that time,” Mason County Sheriff’s Lt. Travis Adams said.

Fanning claimed that Rosa was drunk and threatened him to the point where he felt afraid. Fanning shot into the shower four times, killing Rosa at the scene.

“All the information that we have indicates that the guy was undressed, in the shower, taking a shower,” Lieutenant Travis Adams said.

Prosecutors have a limited amount of time to decide if charges against Fanning will be upgraded. For now, he remains in jail on a $250,000. His arraignment is scheduled for April 10.

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