Search for missing California mom continues after human leg attached to cinderblock discovered

Shasta County Sheriff’s Department divers in California found a human leg attached to a cinderblock on Monday, and they think it belongs to a woman whose been missing since March 15.

Bridget Jacobs, 38, was heard screaming over a 911 call on March 15. Authorities determined that the call originated from her former husband’s cellphone, at his home in Cottonwood, off of Westbridge Road. Five days later, after not hearing from her,  Bridget Jacobs’ father called the police and reported her missing. After questioning the ex-husband, Philip Jacobs, police arrested him when he admitted that Bridget fell down a flight of stairs after an argument, possibly breaking her neck.

Phillip Jacobs told Shasta County authorities that he’d been keeping his wife’s body parts in his Cottonwood home for at least four days after she fell. Afterwards, he reportedly dumped her remains in water at the Brandy Creek Marina at Whiskeytown Lake. He admitted he tied her body down with cinderblocks before throwing her into the lake.

On Friday, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Boating Safety Unit scoured the lake and found a leg  about 100 yards past the buoy line. Witnesses told authorities that they spotted Phillip Jacobs close to the area on March 19. Detectives said that based upon how the leg was found tied to a cinderblock, there’s a good chance that Bridget was dismembered.

“We don’t know what type of tools or instruments were used at this time. That would be something for the coroner’s office to determine later next week,” Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Jackson said.

Bridget Jacobs was married to her former husband for eight months. The marriage dissolved in December 2016, but the problems within the marriage started in 2015, when Philip Jacobs was arrested for assaulting Bridget during their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Philip Jacobs was booked into the Shasta County jail on murder charges. He remains there on a $1 million bond.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]