Monica Sykes

Two brothers charged in the murder of Monica Sykes

Two brothers have been charged in connection with the murder of Missouri woman Monica Sykes.

NBC News reports that Sykes was last seen on October 28, 2016, by her nephew when she came home to change clothes. Sykes, 25, lived with her sister and nephews in Berkeley, Missouri. The boy said that he saw his aunt leave the house and get into a white vehicle with an unidentified person.

Police believe the person in the car was Ray Ellis, 27. Ellis was reportedly in a relationship with Sykes, and is believed to be the last person to have seen her. He was charged with second-degree murder after Syke’s remains were found in February and identified last week.

Ellis reportedly confessed to shooting Sykes then dumping the woman’s body in a field.

A witness alleged that Ellis asked about how to burn a vehicle. Days after Monica’s disappearance Ellis’ vehicle, white 2003 Cadillac Deville, was found burning.

The suspect’s brother was also charged in connection with the murder for helping Ellis burn the vehicle. A glove belonging to Jermaine Benjamin, 21, was found with his DNA on it not far from the vehicle.

Days before Christmas of 2016, Monica was featured in Dateline’s Missing in America. Her heartbroken mother reportedly expressed the worry she felt about her missing daughter.

“You just pray that she is OK, but you don’t know. Two days without talking to her is too long. Now that it’s nearing two months, it’s terrifying.”

The day Sykes disappeared she told her nephews that she would be back and would bring them candy when she returned. The family told NBC that Sykes had been dating a new man that no one in the family had met yet. They said that the man drove a white car like the one Sykes was last seen in.

[Feature Photo: Facebook/Police Handout]