SHOCKING Moment: Customer caught trying to snatch baby at Dunkin’ Donuts

A man was caught on surveillance camera in a Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts attempting to pull an infant out of a stroller, while the baby’s mom stood less than a foot away.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the incident happened on Sunday morning when a mom turned away only momentarily from her baby, at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 1425 Locust Street. A man dressed in a black hoodie and blue jeans walked up to the stroller and reached in, as if trying to pick the baby up. Witnesses told police that the man was previously heard shouting, “That’s my baby!”

The baby’s mother looked over just in time to catch the suspect. She swatted him away and grabbed the stroller, while a customer standing nearby pushed the suspect.

The infant’s mom left Dunkin’ Donuts without calling the police. She’s seen on video exiting with the infant right after the incident occurred. The Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit said that the ordeal was “peculiar” since it seemed to be a case of more than just someone looking at a cute baby.

“It’s actually a rather peculiar set of circumstances in we are actually asking for the parents or who we believe to be the parents to maybe come forward and give us a better idea of what happened out there.”

The suspect was still at the scene when police arrived. He hasn’t been charged with any crime yet. However, Captain Sekou Kinebrew indicated that even if the parents don’t want to press charges, authorities will still ask the DA to review the video.

“Even without the parents’ cooperation, we would verbally review this with the district attorney’s office. But I tell you, it would be very difficult because it’s not uncommon that people approach people with children and say, ‘oh, what a cute kid.’ We don’t believe at all this is what happened here. The video certainly supports something completely different.”

Police are asking the public for assistance in locating the baby’s parents. Anyone with any information should contact the Special Victim Unit at 215-685-3253.

[Feature Photo: Philadelphia Police Department]