Loaded gun found in Pennsylvania student’s backpack amid sexual assault at gunpoint claims

Officials at Central Dauphin East High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, found a loaded gun in a boy’s backpack on Thursday morning, and quickly removed it.

FOX 43 reports that the incident started last week when local police alerted administrators at Central Dauphin East High School that one of the students who attends the school was caught with a gun during an off-campus altercation. Administrators questioned the boy on Thursday morning, but he was reportedly uncooperative.

A tussle erupted between the student and the school’s administrators when they asked the boy about the weapon. Administrators had to restrain him, while a district security guard, a juvenile probation officer, and the school’s principal took him into custody.

While searching his backpack, administrators found the weapon and called authorities, who removed him from the school.

On Sunday, two 17-year-old Central Dauphin East High School teens were arrested after a female student, 16, accused them of sexually attacking her. The teens reportedly had a weapon and held the girl at gunpoint off of Chambers Hill Road.

According to the victim, she was walking down the road when a car pulled up beside her. Two boys that she recognized from her school pointed a gun at her from the vehicle, and demanded her into the car.

The girl said she was frightened and got into the vehicle, where both teens sexually molested her. It’s unclear if the student with a gun in his backpack was one of the boys accused of the sexual assault crime. The school’s spokesperson, Shannon Leib, said that she couldn’t comment since the incident didn’t take place at the school. She referred any questions to the Swatara Township police.

“We are unable to comment further on student disciplinary matters.”

[Feature Photo: Google Maps, August 2014]