Prosecutor: Special needs teacher shot dead in shower thought he was at friend’s home

On Wednesday, prosecutors said that the special needs elementary school teacher fatally shot while taking a shower in a stranger’s home in Washington on Saturday morning, likely got the house mixed up with what he thought was a friend’s place.

On Saturday morning, Nathanial Rosa, 31, was in the process of taking a shower in a stranger’s home in Mason County, when he was confronted by the homeowner, who demanded he leave. According to the homeowner, Rosa threatened him to the point where he feared for his safety. Instead of calling 911, the homeowner, identified as 59-year-old Bruce Fanning, went next door to his other home, grabbed a gun, went back, and shot into the shower four times, killing Rosa.

According to Mason County prosecutor Michael Dorcy, Rosa was out celebrating with a friend on Friday night; a friend who lived in the area and had a house that looked almost identical to Fanning’s home.

“The two properties are almost identical. They’re the same floor plan. The assumption is that he thought he was returning to his friend’s house and thought he was locked out. But he’s dead now so we can’t confirm.”

Dorcy also said that Rosa had gotten a ride from friends and likely didn’t remember the exact address of his friend’s home. He admitted that Rosa was probably intoxicated. Toxicology results are pending.

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Rosa’s clothes were also “soaking wet” when he arrived to Fanning’s home. Dorcy said he could have been suffering from hypothermia, which can make someone disoriented.

Rosa broke into Fanning’s unoccupied business home, where he runs an online business selling weapons such as crossbows and military knives. Prosecutors allege that Fanning had plenty of time to call the police, but instead, walked to his residential home and got a gun, intent on shooting Rosa instead of getting authorities to intervene. Fanning is currently facing second-degree murder charges, but Dorcy stated he’s pushing an upgrade to first-degree murder.

“The reality is, when you’re acting in self-defense, you’re allowed to act on appearances. But the force has to be reasonable and not more than necessary.”

Fanning couldn’t explain to detectives why he shot an unarmed man in a shower instead of calling the police. Mason County Lt. Travis Adams said that there was no evidence or indication that Fanning warned Rosa before shooting him.

The story is still developing.

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