‘Grandma’ to serve 57 years for killing toddler in scalding hot water

A Haltom City, Texas, grandmother will spend the next 57 years behind bars for killing her own grandson in scalding water.

Dallas Morning News reports that Patricia Flores, 44, placed her 2-year-old grandson, Lyfe “Gabe” Flores, into a hot tub of water last year, causing severe burns across his body. On March 31, 2016, authorities arrived to Flores’ home off of Haltom Road fater they received a medical call. They found serious signs of abuse on the toddler when they arrived, including missing teeth, and bruises all over his head.

Initially, Flores claimed that Lyfe climbed into a bathtub with hot water running, but she couldn’t explain why she decided to supposedly treat himself for six days instead of getting him proper medical care. Subsequently, Lyfe passed away on April 6, 2016.

Haltom City police spokesman Matt Spillane stated that since she declined to get Lyfe professional medical treatment and waited almost a week to call for help, it’s extremely likely that the little boy didn’t climb into the hot water himself.

“The fact that she waited so long and the injuries were so severe, and so obviously severe … it seems highly unlikely that it was an accidental case.”

Flores was originally charged with “injury to a child,” but the charges were upgraded to homicide after Tarrant County authorities received a medical examiner’s report that revealed the injuries the toddler sustained. Just weeks before the boy’s death, Child Protective Services removed him and a younger sibling from their mother’s home and placed them in Flores’ care.

Mike Hamilton, Lyfe’s maternal grandfather, said last year that he was heartbroken over the death of his grandson, and claimed Flores had “no excuse” for waiting six days before seeking medical attention.

“That’s probably what angers me and just breaks my heart the most. Bad enough it had to happen but to go through the pain for six days before you call medical treatment? There’s no excuse for that.”

[Feature Photo: Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office/Family Handout]