Alleged ‘Kayak Killer’ Angelika Graswald gets rescheduled hearing

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A court hearing for Angelika Graswald, the woman accused of killing her fiancé during a kayaking excursion in 2015, is scheduled to start on Tuesday in an Orange County, New York, courtroom.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that the hearing comes after it was rescheduled last month. Graswald, 37, pleaded not guilty of killing 46-year-old Vincent Viafore, who died while on April 19, 2015, while on a Hudson River kayaking trip in the Bannerman Island.

Graswald’s hearing was scheduled to begin in mid-March, but was delayed after her defense team filed a “notice of intent” to provide the results of a psychiatric exam. In order to allow prosecutors time to review the results before trial, the hearing was postponed. The defense is generally supposed to file the intent of a psychiatric exam within 30 days after a defendant pleads not guilty. Graswald pleaded not guilty in May 2015, and the psychiatric exam was performed two months later.

According to a prosecutor with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, David Byrne, Graswald’s defense lawyer Richard Portale “never gave the People the required notice.”

“He chose to keep us in the dark… I don’t see any good cause.”

Portale said he filed the motion late because the prosecution withheld evidence intentionally and “poached” an expert that the defense planned to use.

Graswald is accused of tampering with Viarore’s kayak, causing it to sink while he was in the Hudson River. Prosecutors contend that Graswald’s motive was a $250,000 life insurance policy. The defense says the death was a tragic accident.

Angelika Graswald was arrested April 30, 2015, but she’s always maintained that she had nothing to do with Viafore’s death.

“I didn’t kill him. … I loved him. I’m not a killer. I’m a good person.”

[Feature Photo: NY State Police]