Family of 8-year-old San Bernardino school shooting victim reveals details, photos

Jonathan Martinez was standing next to his teacher when the gunman shot at her

The family of a little boy who was killed in Monday’s elementary school shooting in San Bernardino, California, has shared photos and details about a life that was tragically cut short.

According to ABC 7,┬áJonathan Martinez was standing next to his teacher, Karen Smith, in her classroom at North Park Elementary school Monday morning when Smith’s estranged husband, Cedric Anderson, entered the classroom and opened fire.

Martinez and another boy, 9, were shot and taken to a nearby hospital. But Martinez died before he entered surgery.

Family photos show a smiling little boy on horseback, sitting in Santa’s lap, and posing in a floppy hat.

Jonathan’s family told the news station that he was a happy child. He was born with a rare genetic condition called William’s Syndrome, which reportedly leads to mild intellectual and developmental delays and causes heart problems. Jonathan had previously undergone heart surgery.

San Bernardino district superintendent Dale Marsden told ABC News that children with William’s Syndrome tend to be very friendly and social.

Anderson reportedly turned a gun on himself in the classroom after opening fire, killing himself. Smith, who had married Anderson just four months earlier before determining that she needed to leave the marriage, died at the scene.

Anderson had a criminal history that included domestic violence and firearm charges. He walked into the school’s front office Monday morning and said he needed to drop something off for his wife. School staff reportedly did not see that he was carrying a pistol.


Photo: ABC Screenshot