Man allegedly spends decades stalking, sending creepy letters to fourth grade pen pal

A New York man is facing federal charges after authorities say he spent decades harassing a pen pal he met in elementary school.

The seemingly innocent relationship between Jason Christopher Hughes, 46, and the victim started in the 1970’s when they became pen pals in the fourth grade. In the years following, Hughes allegedly sent hundreds of letters to the victim describing “the terrible nature of his home and life,” reported, sourcing a criminal complaint. The letters then became increasingly dark and threatening.

When the victim attempted to end the correspondence, Hughes allegedly began stalking her. In one instance, he showed up to the victim’s college dorm with letters threatening to kill her family, reported. After she married, he began sending threatening letters to her in-laws. It wasn’t until the woman moved overseas with her family that the letters and emails from Hughes seemed to have come to an end.

Then, 20 years later, the threatening correspondence returned almost as quickly as it disappeared. In 2015, Hughes allegedly found the woman’s email address on a school website where she was a teacher – he then used that address to send the woman 23 emails over a four-day span.

“Consider yourself very, very lucky indeed that I don’t dare bring Darkness right to your classroom or front door. See I don’t like children. I actually hate them. I laugh when one of them is abducted or falls under a train or is eaten by wild dogs. This is who I am, and You Helped Create Me.”

He also reportedly sent her a link to a story from Smithsonian Magazine detailing the death of five children in a fire with personal information about her own children.

Another female also claimed to have received emails on her work and personal email accounts from Hughes after meeting him on social media. In one disturbing email, he reportedly described in detail how to torture, mutilate, and dismember a human being under the title, “How to Make a Your Own Pet Owl.”

Hughes reportedly used multiple aliases, email addresses, and domains during his alleged cyber-stalking spree. He legally changed his name to Luis Manuel Arsupial in 1987 and once applied for a passport under the name Michael Rudra Nath.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation eventually linked Hughes’ aliases, email addresses and websites to an address on Staten Island, where he lives with his wife and in-laws, the NewYork Daily News reported. He was arrested on March 17.

Hughes faces charges in Brooklyn federal court for transmission of threats to injure – he pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Monday. He reportedly remains free on $150,000 bail, is under house arrest, and is prohibited from using a computer for non-work purposes.

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