Mega-millionaire fights divorce; money split

He claims he should get more because, “I’m a genius!”

Millionaire tycoon Randy Work, 50, argued in divorce court appeal that he should receive 61% of marital assets in his split from Mandy Gray, 48, because he possessed “the quality of genius.” The judge disagrees.

Work filed for divorce after Gray cheated on him with their ‘personal physiotherapist’. In the lower level court, she was awarded half of the couple’s 150 million pound fortune.  On appeal, Work argued that was not equitable because he made all the family’s money.

The judge cited the contributions and sacrifices of the wife:

  • She moved with Work to Japan and followed him around the world;
  • She was a “good wife” and “homemaker”;
  • She raised their two children;
  • They were strong and equal partners over 20 years and had no assets when they met.


Ignoring Work’s “special contribution” in money making, the judge noted that he would not be able to make the big bucks without the assistance of his wife.  The judge also commented that genius claims should be “reserved for Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein and others like them.”

The couple married in 1995 and have two teenage children.

Work made his money in private equity investments.  The judge ruled he could keep the family home in Kensington, West London, as well as the holiday home in Aspen, Colorado.  The wife is living in a rented apartment in Kensington with the aforementioned physiotherapist.  She will receive half the assets primarily because the family wealth was generated during the marriage.

[Feature Photo: AP/Jonathan Brady/PA/Twitter]