More arrests made in Texas high school sexual assault, hazing scandal

Three additional La Vernia High School students were arrested on Tuesday, in connection with an ongoing sexual assault investigation that reportedly took place in on campus.

Dallas News reports that the three students arrested brings the total arrests up to 13 people. All suspects arrested were, at some point, athletes at La Vernia High School who allegedly participated in the sexual assault and hazing of numerous victims. La Vernia, Texas, a community of around 931 people, is part of the San Antonio metro. area.

According to a federal lawsuit filed at the Southern District of Texas, the suspects are accused of holding victims down in order to “stick various items up their rectum including Coke bottles, deodorant bottles, steel pipes, baseball bats.” One of the victims, a 16-year-old boy, accused football player, Alejandro Ibarra, of holding him down and assaulting him with a carbon dioxide tank.

Three adults, including Ibarra, 18; Dustin Norman, 18 and Robert Olivarez Jr., 17, were already arrested. The remaining seven suspects are minors; their names are disclosed. It’s still unclear if the three students arrested this week are adults or minors.

The arrest warrant stated that the incidents were part of “imitations” into the high school’s football and basketball varsity teams. The lawsuit accuses the coaches, school administration and official, directors, and the principal of “turning a blind eye” to the abuse. The suit also indicated that the plaintiffs are only a small part of the total number of students assaulted at the school.

“Indeed, the plaintiffs are but a fraction of the students who have been physically and sexually assaulted pursuant to these sadistic hazing rituals which include rape, sodomy, unlawful sexual penetration, and sexual abuse.”

Due to the severity of the accusations, the Texas attorney general’s office and Texas Rangers took over the case.

[Feature Image: Google Maps/Dec. 2016]