8-year-old boy drives his little sister to McDonald’s in family van, buys cheeseburgers

The little boy said he learned to drive from YouTube videos

A cheeseburger craving compelled an eight-year-old boy to commandeer the family car, bringing his little sister along for the ride.

According to Fox 8, a boy in East Palestine, Ohio, decided it was time for some fast food last week night even though his parents were fast asleep. So he scooped up his four-year-old sister, grabbed the family van keys and drove to McDonald’s. Just a typical Sunday night. 

The McDonald’s was a mile away — giving the little boy plenty of time to get into an accident or at least commit a traffic violation. But remarkably, the ride was smooth and safe.

“He got him and his sister to McDonald’s without hitting anything or running any red lights,” East Palestine police officer Jacob Koehler told Inside Edition.

Keeping to the speed limit, the little drove through several intersections and navigated a left turn into the drive-thru lane.

When he arrived at the window, the cashier thought it was a prank.

They thought the parents were in the back and it was a joke,” Koehler said. 

Police say the boy stood up as he drove. How did he pay for the cheeseburgers? The resourceful boy took the money from his own piggy bank.

Their adventure came to an end when a family friend spotted the duo and notified the family, according to Fox 8.

Officer Koehler arrived at McDonald’s and talked to the little boy, who told him he had learned to drive by watching YouTube videos. When police officers explained the gravity of the situation, the boy burst into tears.

“He started crying when he realized he’d done something wrong,” Officer Koehler said.

But the kids did get to eat their cheeseburgers.

No one was hurt and no charges have been filed in the case.