‘Cocaine Cowboy’ nabbed after 26 years on the run

One of the original members of the notorious drug trafficking crew, Cocaine Cowboys, was arrested on Wednesday morning in Miami.

NBC reports that Gustavo Falcon, also known the alias “Taby” or Augusto Falcon, was captured by the Miami U.S. Marshals, who were working with the Orlando-Kissimmee U.S. Marshals.

Authorities surveyed Falcon for quite some time before making their move to nab him. They watched his whereabouts while he lived in a rented Kissimmee home with his wife. Once they confirmed the man was indeed Falcon, they caught him at a traffic light.

Police arrested Falcon without incident, and he eventually confessed to his real name. Authorities stated Falcon was carrying a fake driver’s license that dated back to 1990’s. His wife reportedly also had a fake I.D. They were going by the name Luis Reiss and Maria Reiss.

“He is the last of the Cocaine Cowboys,” Barry Golden, spokesperson for the U.S. Marshals Service in Miami, said. “We figured this all out a month ago. We pulled his driver’s license and saw it was the same Gustavo Falcon.’’

During the 1980’s, Falcon and his brother, Augusto “Willie” Falcon, along with Sal Magluta, trafficked large quantities of cocaine via a speedboat, from Colombia to South Florida. They were also known for speedboat racing, even entering and winning championship races.

After profiting around $2 billion in cocaine sales, the trio, along with others, laundered the money through offshore bank accounts, which sparked the nickname, “Cocaine Cowboys.”

In 1991, all three men, and several others involved, were charged for smuggling 75 tons of cocaine into the U.S. A jury acquitted Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta, but it was later determined that the jury was tampered with. Magluta was tried again and found “guilty,” while Willie Falcon struck a plea deal. Augusto Falcon went on the run in 1991, shortly before indictment.

Falcon is scheduled to be extradited back to Miami to face charges.

[Feature Photo: U.S. Marshals]